UC / ICA Latin American Conference Santiago, Chile, 18-20 October 2012

Designing and Building Research Network Maps: Trends in International and Latin American Communication Research

Call For Paper (English Version)


Regional Conference: The UC / ICA Latin American Conference is being organized by the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’s School of Communications , in association with the International Communication Association, ICA.

Date: Thursday 18  – Saturday 20 of October 2012.

Location: School of Communications, Pontificia Universidad Universidad Católica de Chile, Casa Central campus, Alameda 340, Santiago, Chile.

Theme axes:

  1. Policy and Industry

The evolution in the relationship between communication policy and governance, the changes in cultural industries and the emergence of new media business models triggered by the current communication processes.

  1. Globalization, Convergence and Segmentation

Communication in a globalized world and issues of technological convergence.

  1. Journalism

Fundamental assumptions about journalism today, new forms of journalistic narratives, ethical challenges, and quality of information.

  1. Communication and Society

The role of communication in the constitution and evolution of social systems.


Conference Program Chair: María Elena Gronemeyer, mgronemeyer@uc.cl

Conference Secretariat: Rayén Condeza, rcondeza@uc.cl

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